A little push is all..

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A little push is all..

Post by sterlingm »

If I missed a critical page somewhere that addresses the below post, apologies. Please point me to it.

I have coding experience, but sometimes jumping into a new platform isn't clear.

It would be helpful if there were fully functional script examples for vbs and javascript.

Yes, I've read the developer documentation but CreateObject("SDB.SDBSongData") means nothing to me without context. Please remember that not everyone has the high level of experience or familiarity with whatever language or syntax is being utilized for a program. I would like to create for MM but need more, especially with MM5 being on Javascript.

Sometimes programmers/developers live so deep in the forest they forget what it was like coming up to the forest edge and not knowing how to get inside.

With the release of MM5 I would expect many would appreciate examples on how to access this new platform. Will javascript code be different for MM4 and MM5?

Here are script samples that could illustrate the basics of MM functionality: This could also all be a single script as long as it was commented appropriately.
-- Getting song data (song title, path, and track number for example. Don't need the whole list just a sample.)
-- Display song data in a panel in MM.
-- Updating song data in mp3 tags
-- Updating song data in the MM database
-- Reading/Writing from/to a playlist file
-- Build a form in MM.

With those six examples it would cover most of what programmers to the MM platform would need to know to get started. The rest can build on this foundation through research and the current documentation.

Just a thought.
Thank you,
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Re: A little push is all..

Post by Lowlander »

If you're starting I suggest skipping MediaMonkey 4 and instead focusing on MediaMonkey 5: https://www.mediamonkey.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=27 The main focus for MM5 is obviously the software itself for now, but the developers are very responsive on any specific questions you may have. First start here: https://www.mediamonkey.com/forum/viewt ... 27&t=81285
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