MM Wiki contains obsolete info about MM4 database?

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MM Wiki contains obsolete info about MM4 database?

Post by hvaleton »

Good afternoon to Bex and others

At the moment I'm busy creating a script that involves adding some triggers to the MediaMonkey database.
There are a number of types of Artists stored in the main Songs table that are also stored in the Artists table and consequently cause inserts into the ArtistsSongs table. Examples are: AlbumArtist, Conductor, Author (=Composer), etc.
But for OrigArtist the situation is different, i.e. the "Original Artist" is only stored in the Songs table. This causes scripted queries that I use to fill a Drp element in a Form to be very slow. It would be much faster if OrigArtist was also stored in the Artists table and that entries in the ArtistsSongs table would be made with Persontype = 9, since the numbers 1 to 8 are already used for other types of artists.

When I tried to find conclusive information about the various possible Persontypes and make sure I could indeed use Persontype = 9, however, I could only find info about Persontypes 1 - 5 in this wiki page: ... ongs_table
I thought that clearly numbers 6 to 8 were missing, so I started adding them:
6=Producer, 7=Actor, 8 = Publisher
By the way, this was the first time I have ever changed anything in a Wiki page, by the way! (And today is my 57th birthday...)
But some minutes later I realised that all this table information pertained to the database used in MM version 3! So I probably made a huge mistake adding information to the Wiki when I really shouldn't have! Then I noticed that it had been you (Bex) who had made the most recent changes to the aforementioned Wiki page in 2008, and that's why I'm turning to you, Bex.
Now if indeed I was making my changes to the wrong Wiki, my question is: what is the correct wiki (if there is one) for the database used from MM 4 onwards? Until today I have always found the info I needed in the old Wiki...

Perhaps you wonder why I want to use the OrigArtist? Well, I want to "abuse" this column to store Choir Conductors. I have a rather large classical music library and I recently started using Roon. Roon reads and uses PERSONNEL tags with values such as "<ArtistName> - Chorus Master" (see and since MM does not support PERSONNEL tags, I have recently begun using dBpoweramps scripting object to add just such tags.

Code: Select all

Set dMC = CreateObject("dMCScripting.converter")
But I also need MM to store this info in a tag that MM is able to handle and that is stored in its database. Hence the need for an existing tag/database column to "abuse" for my own purpose.

Should I remove my additions (6=Producer, 7=Actor, 8 = Publisher) from the Wiki? Is there a better place?
I would be very grateful for your answer.


Hans Valeton