Scroll/Skipping All Songs

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Scroll/Skipping All Songs

Post by Skier7667 »

I have MediaMonkey 4 for Windows. Connected my iPod Touch 5th Gen and was able to export all the songs to my PC. I originally created a folder - iPod Music) to put them into - My E drive (128 GB SD card). It created another folder Favicon>iPod Music), leaving my original folder blank, so I thought nothing was exported over, however, I found this other folder - Favicon - within Media Monkey, where all the music was actually extracted to.

Is that normal?

I can play all the music from Microsoft Groove and Windows Media Player fine, but when I try to play music directly from Media Monkey, it begins to scroll down through all the songs, 1,023 of them, and never plays any of them.

Also, a couple of letters in the songs have a different color - the letters L - I.

Can't figure out the way to get all letters to be white in color.

How do I get Media Monkey to play songs that I select?
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Re: Scroll/Skipping All Songs

Post by Lowlander »

Check the Paths of files that fail to play and make sure they're correct: ... ls-to-play

You can try playing through the My Computer node in MediaMonkey and see if that works.
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