Clear Field 1.3 - Updated 26/07/2014

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Re: Clear Field 1.3 - Updated 26/07/2014

Post by jrodriguez6 »

Your Program works great on other columns but When I used it on "Date" it took a "year" and turned it into a Date "12/29/1899".
I'm trying to clear a "Date" column of 500 Dates.

I'm really new to this but I have been going thru manually getting the "Original Year" of a Record, I have about 1,900. This site is Great for "Original Years"

I want to sort them in Windows 10 but you can't see the "Original Year" field so I copy that "Original Date" Field to the "Date" Field and I can Select music to put on Thumb drive to travel with.

Now you know the rest of the Story.

I'm not a Kid, But I trying to get things to work the best way I can.

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Clear Field Script

Post by Ocky »

Is the Clear Field script available anywhere? Anything similar? Not on Trixmodo fan site any more. Thanks
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Re: Clear Field 1.3 - Updated 26/07/2014

Post by Lowlander »

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Deleting "Track Volume" Field

Post by THRobinson »

Been a while since I cleaned up my files... sat down today and got them all sorted, but noticed I have a small handful (few hundred) tracks with numbers in the TRACK VOLUME field.

I can delete the number, one-by-one... but will take too long.

I downloaded a script, CLEAR FIELD 1.3, but I don't see TRACK VOLUME listed.

Is it listed as something else? or is there another option for mass deleting the contents of this field?

EDIT - OK... so looks like "TRACK VOLUME" column is (in the script) Levelling (with a capital "L")... correct?
Erwin Hanzl
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Re: Clear Field 1.3 - Updated 26/07/2014

Post by Erwin Hanzl »

So that "SDB.AllVisibleSongList" does not trigger a disaster, I have changed the script for myself.
I am therefore responsible if I mark the entire collection.

Code: Select all

Sub ClearField
  'get selected tracks
  Dim list : Set list = SDB.SelectedSongList 
  If list.count = 0 Then 
    'Set list = SDB.AllVisibleSongList  'deactivate by Erwin Hanzl 09.07.2020
  'End If 				'deactivate by Erwin Hanzl 09.07.2020
  'If list.count = 0 Then		'deactivate by Erwin Hanzl 09.07.2020
    Call SDB.MessageBox("ClearField: There are no selected tracks.",mtError,Array(mbOk))
    Exit Sub
  End If  
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