MediaMonkey handling and auto-organization of audiobooks

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MediaMonkey handling and auto-organization of audiobooks

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So I've been a user of the 'free' MediaMonkey for a year or so now and I'm hoping to finally buy that sweet sweet premium version - primarily so I can use it to organize both my music and audiobooks in the same place. Going back through my audiobook collection, I'd say maybe 3/4ths is what I ripped from my audible subscription and the rest is stuff I've collected from practically everywhere. Needless to say it's rather messy in certain aspects (for example: the author data might be in the metadata, the file structure, the file name, or not there at all.) Likewise the file formats are a mix of mp3, m4a, m4b, probably a few leftover aax and other stragglers.

So, I suppose my question is, would MediaMonkey be able to process these file formats and so forth to get the proper tags in there? I doubt there's a service that can identify audiobooks through umm... fingerprinting? [actually I'm not sure how it works, a sort of hash function or something along those lines that it send to have a server compare similar results?] unlike with music, though if there were that'd be pretty amazing. More realistically though, would MM still have the brains to extract at least most of the data from the files and/or look it up by title and so forth?

Thanks for the help, Windows really doesn't have much in the way of good audiobook managers and being able to do music and books both with MM would be perfect.
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Re: MediaMonkey handling and auto-organization of audiobooks

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Not that I know of, Audiobook data is sorely lacking, I wouldn't even know a source to do it manually.
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Re: MediaMonkey handling and auto-organization of audiobooks

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I guess it could be possible to make such custom search script, but not sure it would be completely legal because you would for example need to pull data of Audible to their ripped tracks :( I guess they would not like that.
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Re: MediaMonkey handling and auto-organization of audiobooks

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As long as you can separate out the audiobooks, and they're in some sort of order, you should be ok. Put the files for each book into their own folder, then put the folders into your MediaMonkey watched folder one at a time.

For my setup I use D:\Music and subfolders, like Unsorted, Sorted, Audiobooks, Podcasts, etc. I've set up MMW (MediaMonkey for Windows) to watch Unsorted for new files and put them into an Unsorted tab in MMW. From that tab I tidy up the metadata and then run the manual auto organize tool. This moves the newly sorted files into the various other folders depending on what they are.

In your case I'd move one audiobook folder into Unsorted, then check that the tracks are listed properly, even if it's just track 1, track 2, etc. Select all the files, right click one, and select properties. From there make sure that the type near the top is Audiobook, then put the book title for album name, and author for artist and album artist. If you have a picture of the book cover, you can use that as the artwork by browsing to it from the artwork tab. With the files still selected, press CTRL + R to open the auto organize window. Make sure that Move and rename files is selected at the top, and set up a mask in the destination box to make sure everything goes to where you want it. I've posted a sample mask based on the base folder being D:\Music and explained it here: ... =1&t=96997

My mask would move the audiobook into D:\Music\Audiobooks\(Book Title)\ but can easily be changed to whichever folder you want.

This doesn't give the individual chapters names, but should list them all in track order, and your player should do the rest :)
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