Auto-restart after crash [#16865]

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Auto-restart after crash [#16865]

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Hello MediaMonkey developers!

I use MediaMonkey to run an Internet Radio Station at www kflipcamp dot org. The last few months I have started running MediaMonkey 5 BETA.

One of my favorite features is the AutoDJ and the auto playlist system, which runs the station on off hours when a live DJ isn't available. This is most of the the time, actually. The AUtoDJ is so good it's really unlike any other player I've found, even professional Internet Radio software like RadioDJ.

Enough gushing - here's my request.

When MediaMonkey 5 has a crash, I get a dialog box asking if I want to send the crash dump to you - and while that dialog is up the radio station is silent, and effectively off the air. The same problem existed in MediaMonkey4, by the way. Crashes would just halt the software completely and we'd have dead air on the station.

What I would really like is an option that I could check that would just send the crash dump information to you by default, and have MediaMonkey restart after the crash and continue with the next song on the playlist.

This request is more than just a "nice to have feature" for Internet radio stations - it is a hard-stop requirement! Being off the air means we lose listeners, and that's not healthy for an Internet radio station.

Best of luck finishing off the MediaMonkey 5 BETA - looking forward to the final release.

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Re: Feature Request: Auto-restart after crash

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I agree that this would be useful. Added as

Thank you for reporting.
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