German translation for "grouping"

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German translation for "grouping"

Post by lt.col.blair »

In the german tranlation the tag "grouping" is called "Stück/Werk".
Most other media players title thas tag as "Werk".
That in itself might not be a bug, bat MediaMonkey handles the slash '/' in "Stück/Werk" wrongly and in some cases treats it as one field called "Stück/Werk" in other cases it tries to find two fields "Stück" and "Werk" ... and of course fails.

The german translation for grouping should be "Werk" as in many other media players or maybe the direct translation of "grouping" which would be "Gruppierung".

BTW: I've been correcting this in my own translation for 10 Years now (I bought Gold in 2009), but with every new version of MM I have to repeat that correction and would love to see it corrected by the author. Thank you!
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Re: German translation for "grouping"

Post by uitje30 »

Can someone explain to me what the term "grouping" means exactly? Looking at the translation to German that is asked for in the first post, I think I am translating this term wrongly into Dutch.
When I translate grouping into German, I get Grupierung. In Dutch, grouping translates to groepering.
The meaning of the Dutch word "groepering" is a bunch of people working together to achieve a certain goal. It's mostly used to describe a group of people that are trying to change someting in society. The term groepering has nothing to do with music.
So, what is meant by it? Group? As in band? Or does it have a broader meaning?
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Re: German translation for "grouping"

Post by Lowlander »

Erwin Hanzl
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Re: German translation for "grouping"

Post by Erwin Hanzl »

Hello uitje,

Verwendung in Deutsch gesellschaftlich:
sind auch politische Parteien
sind auch religiöse Gruppierungen
Demonstranten: Gruppe gleichgesinnter
Die Gruppe der Musikliebhaber, Pferdeliebhaber, ....
Man sagt dann jedoch nicht "die Gruppe der...", sondern
die SPÖ/ÖVP ...
die Christen, die Katholiken, die Moslems,
die Demonstranten
die Musikliebhaber, ....

Verwendung in der EDV:
GRUPPIERUNG mehrerer Feldern
z.B.: Access/SQL: group by Field "Album" AND Field "Album-Interpret"
Als Ergebnis werden einzelne Songs zu einem Album zusammengefasst.

Ich hoffe, dir weitergeholfen zu haben.
Use in German socially:
are also political parties
are also religious groups
Protesters: group of like-minded people
The group of music lovers, horse lovers, ....
One then doesn't say "the group of ...", but rather
the SPÖ / ÖVP ...
the Christians, the Catholics, the Muslims,
the demonstrators
the music lovers, ....

Use in IT:
GROUPING of several fields
e.g .: Access / SQL: group by Field "Album" AND Field "Album-Artist"
As a result, individual songs are combined into an album.

I hope I was able to help you.

Sorry, Google-Translate
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Re: German translation for "grouping"

Post by uitje30 »

Thank you both. It's clear to me now. I'll may change the translation when I go over the lot again, some time the coming week.
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