Album Art with various artists

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Album Art with various artists

Post by johntom77 »

With the following 4 CD collection from The Ultimate Grammy Box I discovered that the album art for each song would display for some titles and not others and never for cd4. This happens it both 4 and 5 versions. Overall I'm very happy with the improvemnets for version 5 and I'm only using that.
1. Cover art displays for selected song for CD1 #1 GOOD VIBRATIONS , CD1 # 2 What;s going on etc.
2. Cover art does not display for CD1 # 4 Band on the run
3. This is random on all songs for CD1, CD2, C3
4. No cover art displays for any selected song on CD4
While not a show stopper I'm curious if I can control this behavior.
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Re: Album Art with various artists

Post by Lowlander »

Make sure you associate Artwork with all files on the Album.

Normally you'd have the same Album name, same Album Artist (something like Various), Disc# per disc and the same Artwork for all files on the Album. However Artwork does need to be applied to all files on the Album (just like any other tag) to be displayed for any individual file on the Album. ... ies_Dialog
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