Help with setting up device

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Help with setting up device

Post by Tony Gisondi »

So I just purchased and installed MediaMonkey 5 Gold edition. I used to use MediaMonkey 4 with minimal issues. I want to be able to add my phone to put music onto it. The instructions state to go to "Tools > Options> Portable/Audio Devices" however, "Portable/Audio Devices" does not appear as an option at all. It's just NOT THERE! When I plug in the device, nothing happens. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
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Re: Help with setting up device

Post by Lowlander »

Please see: ... Tracks/5.0

In MediaMonkey 5 you go to Devices & Services in the Media Tree to manage your portable devices and sync.
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Re: Help with setting up device

Post by Ludek »

Also upon connecting your phone there is the toast message saying "Connected: phone [Configure...]" : ... 9.png?dl=0

So clicking [Configure...] will also works for you.
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