[REQ] Expand syncing capability

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[REQ] Expand syncing capability

Post by Doozybird »

I don't know if it's possible, but being able to sync between a desktop and a laptop would be a nice feature. I'm not always at my desktop and it would be nice to create, modify, access playlists from my laptop. It would also be nice to sync between Windows desktop and a Mac or IOS device.
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Re: [REQ] Expand syncing capability

Post by Peke »

As MMS only works with MM5 and our focus on MM5, MMS had no means to be more closely worked on due teh limitations before official MM5 launch. Now That MM5 is out.

What would you like to see and how you actually imagined it should work?
A Shared Library that is on MMS but accessed from MM5 and MMA devices?
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Re: [REQ] Expand syncing capability

Post by Andre_H »

Peke wrote: Sat Jun 05, 2021 5:26 pm A Shared Library that is on MMS but accessed from MM5 and MMA devices?
Yes! :wink:

- multiple MMW's on a shared database, maybe one of them on the same machine as MMS
- maybe (in addition to shared through MMS) playlists per (MMW) client: i have a few playlists only for data maintenance tasks only, that i don't need to / want to see on my playing devices
- multiple MMA on the same database, maybe some kind of "online-mode" for MMA in local environment, without need to sync, but full feature access unlike UPNP/DLNA
- full editable track info through MMA in "online mode" (more an MMA thing than MMS thing, but for the whole package)
- serverside sheduled tasks for database backup, directory scan, and that stuff
- a minimalistic dashboard for new tracks added, changed, not found; logs and errors for sheduled jobs, etc.
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Re: [REQ] Expand syncing capability

Post by shagmasterk »

I was excited when I read about MMS today (yes, I am behind), because it seemed like the reason it was created was to allow access to a shared library from "client" devices. That's a great idea! It would be like at work, where there is a server running the database, and all the workstations access and manipulate the database, and changes made from any workstation are almost immediately updated to all other workstations.

- Ideally the workstations or clients, whatever you call them, could be other Windows or mobile devices.
- If ultimately MMS becomes part of the MM installation, users could be offered the option to install as a server on the "main PC," then install as clients on any other machines they plan to use to access the database.
- It would be nice and clean on the clients if the main left browser only displayed the tracks, artists, playlists, etc. from the main database, so the Devices & Services list only shows up on the server itself.
- If there is a way to cache the library data on a client machine so it doesn't have to read 10,000 files every time the tracklist is opened, that would be good.

Upon install on the MMS web interface, there is a message under Menu/Playlists that says "Not implemented - Playlists browsing isn't implemented yet. But it will be! ;-)" That gives me hope that this will happen soon, but since the latest update 3.2 was released in January, I'm not so sure.
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Re: [REQ] Expand syncing capability

Post by Ludek »

MMS already can sync tracks, (auto-)playlists and track metadata with multiple MM5 clients. There is no MMA<>MMS sync yet though (TODO). There is also a migration wizard available on first MMS <> MM5 sync (to migrate MM5 local tracks not accessible by MMS on network to the device where MMS runs, e.g. NAS), just note that MMS is still in alpha state and hasn't been tested much and was tested on limited set of devices -- so be sure to backup your database and music collections at first.
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