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Post by hars »

I've just begun translating MM into Swedish, anybody else who want to join in on the fun?
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Post by almo9004 »

If someone could show me the tricks I would like to give it a try.
I know some VB but I don't have experience in MM coding/scripting.

See you around...:)
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Post by trixmoto »

You don't need to do any scripting, just updating language files.
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Post by Bex »

I started once but never finished it. Eventhough I'm a Swede I wouldn't use it since I'm using english in all other softwares (Except windows (!), which bugs me.)

However, together we can make this. Just PM me!

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Post by hars »

bex and almo, you've got pm's
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Post by hars »

who did the swedish mm-page here at mediamonkey.com? nice work, but what is that language pack avaliable for download? does that include swedish translation? 'cause i thought that was what i was working on... :)
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Post by feppa »

Anyone working on Swedish version of 3.0?
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Post by hars »

inte jag, har fullt upp med annat just nu tyvärr. pm'a rusty så kan han nog sprida lite ljus på det hela.
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Post by Guest »

I would love to do some translations, where can i find these files you speak of that i edit in for translations? :)
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Re: Swedish

Post by rusty »

The files / instructions for MM 3.1 are at:
http://www.mediamonkey.com/forum/viewto ... =8&t=35130

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