Script: Radio-DJ [MM3]

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Re: Script: Radio-DJ [MM3]

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larsjuh wrote:The link doesn't work anymore. Is it possible to reupload the file?
i would like that too
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Re: Script: Radio-DJ [MM3]

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set up Radio-DJ in MM4 yesterday. No problems, it works the same way it did in MM3 with the same settings.
I may have spoken up too soon. While the script installs and fills the now playing properly, it skips every other track and quite often it will play one song and stop. Using latest MM4. Pretty weird.

Re: Script: Radio-DJ [MM3]

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Does anyone have the original VBS? the download is not working
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Re: Script: Radio-DJ [MM3]

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Three years since anyone's even asked for this, so there's not much hope, but... anyone still have it? I haven't had any luck finding it in any archives.
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Re: Script: Radio-DJ [MM3]

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I have been looking and wanting it for awhile with no luck. is there anyone out there that can donate a copy of theirs?!
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Re: Script: Radio-DJ [MM3]

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My stuff for djamp plug in that uses masgets and the l&h voices is still up. But it's unknown if this will work with win 7 or newer since win 7 is only partially using msagents. And no newer win op sys use them. But if your on xp it works. Just a lot of stuff to get it set up is needed. But ask me if you want to try but only on xp if you try on win 7 + then your on your own. 8)
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Re: Script: Radio-DJ [MM3]

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Look what I found whilst rummaging on an old hard drive...

Radio-DJ 1.2.0.mmip

I'm not using it myself so I've no idea whether it works with MM4.

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Re: Script: Radio-DJ [MM3]

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Hi Folks, is there anyone who can help me with this script? the download link no longer works
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