iPhone Sync Plug-in 15.0

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iPhone Sync Plug-in 15.0

Post by bpiening »

I've a prolem to install the udpate for ios 15 iPhone sync.
I always get the error message that there is a problem to copy the d_iPhone.dll to org.d_iPhone.dll
If I choose to ignore it, it seems that no newer dll is copied.
Admin rights are given for the folder where the dll ist located.
I use MM
Any suggestions for helping?
Thanks Bodo
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Re: iPhone Sync Plug-in 15.0

Post by Peke »

iPhone must not be connected and use Right click -> Run As Administrator on MM icon.

Also disable per per user install, if not being able first uninstall previous installation and start again with install as described above.

Reason for that is iphone plugin is locked and installation can't proceed.
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