Couleur interface, skin...?

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Couleur interface, skin...?

Post by Indiana »

J'aime beaucoup l'interface de MediaMonkey 5 mais peut-on changer la couleur citrouille du lecteur ?
Que valent les skin à installer ? Sont ils stables ?
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Re: Couleur interface, skin...?

Post by Polop »

c'est vrai que cet orange est franchement horrible!
J'utilise le skin Metro M (classic) et tout est en noir.
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Re: Couleur interface, skin...?

Post by MMFrLife »

Options > Layout > Skin
Play around with different skins to see.
Any skin option offered inside of MM should be stable.

There is also the Addons section of site.

But getting one that is almost exactly the same as the default, because of a different color,
probably won't be easy.
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