Synlolgy DSM 7 To Have A Media Monkey Package

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Synlolgy DSM 7 To Have A Media Monkey Package

Post by producer_ben »

Hi All,

I'm not sure if it has been requested before but I would dearly love Media Monkey on my Synology DS718+.

It's an intel celeron processor that's 64bit running DSM 7.

As I say I really love media monkey and the included Synology Media Server isn't really that good. Yes there's Minim, Asset and a handful of others but I've had my grieviences with them all for one reason or another and the likes of Roon I resent paying such a high premium to stream MY OWN files.
Media Monkey? well it just does what it says on the tin, with not surprises or performance issues. Being able to have that on my NAS would be just the best.
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Re: Synlolgy DSM 7 To Have A Media Monkey Package

Post by drakinite »

To clarify, are you talking about MediaMonkey the desktop program, or MediaMonkeyServer (which this forum is for)?
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Re: Synlolgy DSM 7 To Have A Media Monkey Package

Post by Peke »

At this moment we are not planning to release each individual Packages for NAS manufacturers as it is difficult to maintain.

I personally have QNAP and have been successfully compiled Installation package, but I guess same/similar procedure can be done for Synology NAS.

It should be fairly easy to follow github instructions to compile/start it manually.

NOTE: once MMS gets more stable we will reconsider creating install packages for them.
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