TV shows Transfering to MMS

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TV shows Transfering to MMS

Post by superzentredi »

A little lost here with syncing my play history and metadata with the MMS from MM5. Are TV Show episodes and other media content supported yet?

I have MMS Collections set up with Music, Video, Classical, TV, Audiobook, Music Video, Podcast. But there only seems to be three different media types. Music, Classical, and Movies.

When I attempt to sync my MM5 database with the server MM5 scans the server and brings in the incomplete information from the server instead of matching the data in my existing database.
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Re: TV shows Transfering to MMS

Post by Ludek »

FYI: The MM5 <-> MMS sync is broken in the latest version 0.4.1 so be sure you are using the last but one, which should be 0.3.2 (until it is fixed).

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