Clarification request

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Clarification request

Post by Marksaunders23 »

Hi and thank you to all involved in developing MMS, it is such a great part of MM!

I am not sure if this will end up identifying a bug or a mistake on my part but I need a clarification.

I have a library which I split between 'Main music' (my everyday collection), 'Jazz', 'Classical' and 'Unwanted'. All new music is added to Main music and then automatically stays there or is filtered into the others by genre, type or giving it a zero rating.

1. If I do this on my main computer, will MMS realise how they have been moved and move them accordingly? For example, if I rate a song on my main computer zero stars, thus moving it from Main music to Unwanted, will the same move occur on the other connected computers? All computers are set up with the same auto-organise rules.

2. Am I even using MMS correctly? I have assumed I can make changes to any computer as I normally would and it will all sync. But should I be making all changes directly to the MMS in 'devices' to make the changes I refer to above?

Thank you again to all, for a piece of work in development MMS is already very powerful and really completes the MM experience for me!
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Re: Clarification request

Post by Ludek »

the collections in MMS are simplified, they are no rules and they are only based on location/folders added to that collections.
These collections are not synced between MMS and MM5 instances.

BUT you can create playlists and auto-playlists that are synced between various MM5 instances (via MMS).
e.g. create auto-playlist in "MM5 instance 1" and sync/copy it to MMS, then scan MMS by "MM5 instance 2" (on another PC) and you will see the auto-playlist created in "MM5 instance " also in "MM5 instance 2" library (including the auto-playlist rules).
Also the changes to the (auto-)playlists are synced as each (auto-)playlist has its GUID and "date changed" to determine which changes are newer to use them.

Hope that helps.
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