MMS is applying metadata to the wrong files

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MMS is applying metadata to the wrong files

Post by Marksaunders23 »

Hi, as ever, thank you to all who work on MMS!

I just noticed an error that is occuring on my MMS setup.

MSS is assigning incorrect metadata to files. For example I have audiobooks split into multiple files, and MMS appears to be applying the metadata of one track to another, seemingly randomly. The outcome is that it appears at face value that I have a duplication - two files with exactly the same metadata (name, album etc etc) but in fact they are two different files completely. There are several occurences of this and no obvious reason why. The interesting thing is that the changed files are then moved to 'main music' folder from the 'audiobooks' folder where they originated. Yet they still appear in my 'audiobooks' collection on MM, despite my auto-org setup.

This is creating all sorts of issues and it is not clear how easy it would be reverse. It is also a bit unnerving as now I can't be sure there aren't more errors across the collections. I updated all tags prior to launching MMS.

Many thanks,
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Re: MMS is applying metadata to the wrong files

Post by Ludek »

Hi, MMS is not capable to organize/move files and neither to write metadata to file tags.
MMS only scans the metadata from file tags and puts into its MMS database (mms.db file): ... 9.png?dl=0
The sync_id is created based on randomly generated guid+title and used during sync.

How exactly you got the files into MMS database? If it is by syncing from MM5 then the metadata isn't read from file tag, but the MM5 metadata sent by MM5 is used (to write to mms.db) as more accurate as MM5 has better tag reading capability.

Probably exact steps how to replicate what you are describing (starting with clean MMS/MM5 databases) should shed some light on it.
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