Sync MM Imported Playlists to Sony NW-A45

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Sync MM Imported Playlists to Sony NW-A45

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Hi All,
So having successfully managed to import my Playlists from itunes, I will now be using MM as my only music media manager. However, having already updated some of the recently imported Playlists I now want to have these also update on my Sony NW-A45, but whenever I sync I just keep getting the originally imported Playlists. So apologies, but here is what is probably a really obvious question......

My aim is to do away with the need to keep exporting the playlists every time I add or delete a track and so how do I move from using a separate exported Playlist folder from my desktop to having the Playlists on my Sony auto update from the Playlists within MM?

Essentially, I am thinking of creating new playlists within MM to mirror what currently resides in the Imported Playlists within MM and then copying and pasting each playlist from its current 'Imported Playlist' location to those newly created Playlist locations....hopefully that makes sense??
I can then obviously de-tick the box that links the sync to the Playlist folder I created on my desktop for the exports from itunes, but I cannot (yet) find where MM stores its playlists and so am unsure how to link to/get the MM sync to work with these?
Any guidance would be really appreciated.

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Re: Sync MM Imported Playlists to Sony NW-A45

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De-Select Imported playlist -> Expand and select it again. it should check all sub-playlists under imported playlists.
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