Auto artwork stalls

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Auto artwork stalls

Post by MesonW »

I am using MM5 over DLNA and relying on MM5 automatically selecting artwork for my music. This it has done for some of them, and this morning saw it adding a few more, but then it just stops, leaving the rest blank.

I cannot edit the artwork myself as it's over DLNA and I don't have access to the filesystem due to security. Also I'm adding hundreds of albums (they're actually videogame soundtracks, but it's working just the same as typical music) and don't want to do this manually when MM5 is clearly showing it can do it. There is a little disc icon with it which I believe shows it hasn't been saved, but that's fine if it continues to show that same image on this PC, I don't need to 'save' it.

How do I encourage MM5 to continue finding the artwork?

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Re: Auto artwork stalls

Post by Lowlander »

Are you saying Properties > Artwork tab shows an image already? Only when no images are shown there willmauto-lookup work.
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