Feature availability inquiry...

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Feature availability inquiry...

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Does MM have a way, built-in or addon, that can autoplay full albums?

Description: I want to select an album to listen to and, when it is over, for some other "random"(lol) full album to play.
Following genre or some other musical feature a bonus.

I am sick of all players having a single track to single track progression, either by a "shuffle" or a "autoplay" feature, and I am not asking for a lot, same algorithm, but apply only when
if("last track number + 1" != "next track number")
algorithm(other album "track number " = 1); ... sort of thing

It's a needed thing if one has Pink Floyd in their collection, oh wait... who doesn't??? :P

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Re: Feature availability inquiry...

Post by Lowlander »

You can recreate this with AutoPlaylists. They can Select by Random Album.
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