Album Tracks out of order

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Album Tracks out of order

Post by GoGoyimGo1 »

How come my some of my album tracks are out of order? I use the PROPERTIES feature to change the album name so they're all exactly the same. Same with ARTIST. I even put a disc number to see if that would work. Nope. I change the DATE, thinking maybe that's the hangup. No. Anyone got any tricks?
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Re: Album Tracks out of order

Post by Peke »

Have you also made Album Artist same?

Can you post a screenshot?

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Re: Album Tracks out of order

Post by francelotto »

After purchasing a couple of tracks from one album, I decided to also purchase another track that comes earlier in the album's number order than the other two. However, after downloading, I noticed this. For absolutely no reason whatsoever, the tracklisting is out of order. Now, I've seen problems similar to this before in previous versions. However, this one is unique in that attempting to change the track or CD number via the info box does nothing. I encountered a very, very similar problem not too long ago with another album. I purchased a track ("Ready to Start") from one version of the album, and then purchased the rest of the tracks from the other version (the Deluxe Edition). I tried to fuse them together, only for the one track to go out of order. Even after multiple attempts to change the track and CD number, as well as just deleting and redownloading the entire album (which cost me a digital booklet that I can't redownload; thanks a lot, Apple), it was still like this.
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Re: Album Tracks out of order

Post by Lowlander »

MediaMonkey sorts Album > Album Artist > Disc# > Track# > Title, so make sure fields like Album Artist and Disc# have the correct values.
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