Genre Finder 5.0 - Updated 05/08/2012

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Re: Genre Finder 5.0 - Updated 05/08/2012

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Leander wrote: Wed Mar 17, 2021 11:10 am I have Discogs Tagger 5.80 but it dont tag genere so far as i have seen. is there another discogs script that is for genere tagging ? i cant find it if the case...
In the last version of the Discogs Tagger there was a bug with tagging genre. In the Version 5.80 it should work again. If it doesn't work, please send me the LOG File from the scripts folder.
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Re: Genre Finder 5.0 - Updated 05/08/2012

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I'm trying to understand how the white and keep lists work. This is what I understand:
White list: acceptable values
Keep List: don't understand what this is
Black list: never accepted values

I am using the 219 genres from ID3 as a comma delimited white list and unless I select Automatically translate values, it never updates.

Can someone please explain to me how these lists work?

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Re: Genre Finder 5.0 - Updated 05/08/2012

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Just re-posting this information so it is easier to find.

Small General list ... 32#p247832
Large lists inc. decades: ... 82#p156182 ... 11#p247611
Large customizable list inc. decades and locations ... 96#p230896
Very large list ... 62#p247362
Country list ... 99#p293099
Genre and mood:
Small genre and mood lists ... 14#p155914
Mid-size genre and mood lists ... 94#p154594
Mood :
Mood whitelist 1 ... 74#p269174
Mood whitelist 2 ... 70#p269170
[Mood and Nationality list ... 89#p182089

Genre Finder not working try this:
Close MediaMonkey.
Open this file in notepad:
Find this line:
str = FixGenre(ele.ChildNodes.Item(0).Text)
Change it to this:
str = FixGenre(ele.ChildNodes.Item(1).Text)
(The 0 changes to a 1).
Restart MediaMonkey.

I had to go back and edit because I just realized I joined this forum 10 years ago, on this day! :D
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