Database Duplicates of the same file

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Database Duplicates of the same file

Post by mikeprior001 »

I have a problem that the MM database does not clear previous versions of the same song files. So I end up with multiple listings of the same files when I do a search. This causes problems because when I change information in the tags it updates the tags in the version I have open but not in the duplicates.

To be clear these are duplicates of the same file in the same location with the exact same name. I am not referring to song files that have the exact name but are located in different places on the hard drive.
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Re: Database Duplicates of the same file

Post by Lowlander »

So you have duplicates with the exact same Path? Which Build (Help > About) of MediaMonkey are you using?

Are you doing anything with the files outside of MediaMonkey?
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