Track number seems to be showing play count?

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Track number seems to be showing play count?

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I've got MMW and MMA1.4.4.0956, but this problem has been happening for a while.

I've got my tracks organised on the PC under D:\Music\Sorted\ following this format:

D:\Music\$if(<Type>=Audiobook,Audiobooks\<Album>\)$if(<Type>=Podcast,Podcasts\<Album>\<Date> - )$if(<Type>=Music,Sorted\<Album Artist>\<Album>\$if(<Disc#>,<Album> Disc <Disc#:2>\))<Track#:2> - <Artist> - <Title>

e.g. D:\Music\Sorted\Rancid\Hooligans\01 - Rancid - Hooligans.mp3

Everything works and plays properly except for one thing - the tracks that are synced to my Android phone and played have different track numbers. e.g. instead of track 1 I'm getting track 376. As far as I can tell, it seems to be the play count, and is different for each played song. The track number for the song listed above is 376, on both PC and Android.

Does anyone know where this is coming from and how I can stop it from happening please?