MM startup issue

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MM startup issue

Post by Bradso »

When I plug my iphone to my laptop, MM opens us automatically but issues the error message 'A phone connection was detected. Please install Itunes desktop version (not the Windows store version) in order to sync this device with MediaMonkey'.
I do have the Itunes desktop version installed but it looks as if MM does not detect it. Also, as I would like MM to replace Itunes, I would like to remove Itunes from my computer but this not be possible if MM requires it to be installed in order to sync my Iphone.
I do hope you can help as I have lost my Iphone music and would like to sync is from my MM library asap.
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Re: MM startup issue

Post by Peke »

- First you should disable MM starting on iPhone plugin. Paste this to File explorer address bar and disable MM auto start on iPhones "Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Default Programs"
- If you want to stick with MM4 you should need to install ... c-plug-in/ while iPhone is disconencted and MM4 is started as Administrator (after install you can use MM as before). Then connect iPhone to PC.
- Especially if you are using Windows 11 it is recommended to upgrade to MM5 as it si optimized for newer versions of Windows.
- Make sure you have removed all traces from Store version of iTunes and then install desktop version as explained at ... atibility/

That should fix the problem.
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