Can't play AAC over UPNP

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Can't play AAC over UPNP

Post by JonMog »

I have found that AAC files aren't playing over UPNP. I have tried several different ones and they are just skipped.
I can right-click and download them. I can then even play them in MM after downloading.
VLC will play them fine over UPNP.
So I'm a little confused as to what the problem may be. The files are M4A at 320kpbs.
My other MP3 and OGG files play fine.
Is this a common problem?

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Re: Can't play AAC over UPNP

Post by Peke »

Can you please follow steps from viewtopic.php?f=30&t=86643 and attached compressed (ZIP) LOG file in support ticket. That should give us enough information why it is not playing.

EDIT: Are you using MMS or MM5 as a server?
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