MMA sync issues

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MMA sync issues

Post by Barry4679 »

Some more issues:

#1. Wifi and USB sync don't work well together.
  • Use WiFi sync to add and remove some tracks
  • That works as expected. I can see the changes in MMA library
  • Then use USB sync to make some non-related sync additions or deletions
  • ==> The USB sync works, but also repeats the actions from the completed WiFi sync, ie. re-copies and re-deletes the previous tracks again
#2. The WiFi sync ignores the Playlist setting in the Playlists setting in MMW Sync Profile tab.
It doesn't generate the requested Artist|Album|Folder playlists as per the above setting.
Also it offers to delete those that have already been created by earlier USB syncs ... why? USB sync does not do this.

#3. The Folder Node in MMA doesn't display "folders" in the MMW sense
In MMW Folders node, or Location sub-node, actual track directory path structures are displayed
The "Folder" node in MMA displays a structure which is AlbumArtist>Album>Track
What is the use of that? ... I already have a MMA AlbumArtist node.
Say I have tagged a track with multiple AlbumArtists, ie. a collaboration.
I will have created the my folder hierarchy based whomever I consider the "main artist" for me.
Example "Raining Sand" by Robert Plant and Allison Krauss. I have this stored in the "Robert Plant" folder because I considered it a Robert Plant album when I purchased the album.
Subsequently I multi-tagged the albumartist tags, because I also started to follow Alison Krauss. the AlbumArtist tag is "Alison Krauss; Robert Plant" ... ie Robert last, because Sonos will only index the last named artist in a multi-tag situation.
The album tracks remain in my Robert Plant folder

MMA invents a folder called "Alison Krauss; Robert Plant" ... So now the MMA Folder node is useless because an album from my Robert Plant folder is now filed up in the A's.

#4 MMA doesn't allow ignoring of prefixes when sorting indices
MMW has an "ignore prefixes" option at Tools>Options>Library>Fields.
MMA don't respect this setting, nor does it have a corresponding option.
So Album, Artists and AlbumArtists, in MMA, are not where I am expecting to find them.

#5. Another logging issue in MMA.
I ran a WiFi sync which failed to do anything.
The Sync summary showed that nothing had happened, but gave no cause.

?? what to do ??? .... Can't you do better than that?
In the end I discovered the problem was that MMA was able to read the MMW db, but could not read the tracks.
ie. I have the music share on my NAS password protected.
I had started MMW and had updated my sync requirements, but it not needed read any of my tracks, so I had not been challenged for password.
Why couldn't MMA issue an error like "Unable to access track at xxxxx"?
Just silently failing is FAIL imo.
MM progress and failure logging is generally deficient.
This is various degrees of irritating and sloppy in multiple situations.
But it is beyond that when it comes to synching. There are too many things that can. and do, go wrong.

#6. MMA album art issue in Genre node
The Grid view in Genre node screws up when in Artist sub-node and the Artist has multiple tracks for the same album
See here. MMA is not recognising that these tracks belong to the same album.
==> it slices the album art into repeated slices, as if they were different albums.

#7 MMA is hampered by MMW general unreliability and flakiness in the Sync functions
While designing and creating the above test situations, MM5 crashed.
I wasn't running a sync. I was just browsing the buggy "Sync List Library" tree inside the "Devices & Services" node
Want a dark skin for MM5? This is the one that works best for me .. elegant, compact & clear.