problems by monitoring phase

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Ian Werich
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problems by monitoring phase

Post by Ian Werich »

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to pause or block file monitoring when opening MM? I have a huge db and this phase takes too long and often hangs for reasons I couldn't understand and slows down other tasks, such as reordering the data visualization or applying a delay between two songs.

Thank you
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Re: problems by monitoring phase

Post by IanRTaylorUK »

Hi Ian,

If by "Monitoring" you mean the initial "Add / Rescan Files To The Library" then you can adjust from the menu option under File (or INS short cut key).

For example you can set the schedule to "Manual" or "At Start Up" or "At Start Up + Continuously". This is done by the two check boxes Scan Continuously / Scan At Startup. If neither checked then scan is "Manual". The associated options button takes you to the Tools / Options / Library. Your choices here greatly impact the time taken!!!

Selecting the Web node means the scan will be faster.

I prefer my "F:\Playlists" folder to be manual so I can control the import of new M3U files.

As I segregate Audio Books & Classical Music and changes to these are less frequent, these are another candidate for "Manual"

Most of my other folders are set to "Startup" with one exception.

"F:\Download" is set to "At Start Up & Continuously". This folder is empty until I get some new albums and files are held there until I am happy with tags / volume / lyrics. Then they are moved using "Auto-Organise" and "Artwork" adjusted in their final location before creating a Playlist.

In my case (around 60,000 files) scanning complete in around 15-20 seconds (MMW5) [and up to twice that with MMW4].

Regular "Maintenance" of the library (called Manage Library in MMW5) helps. Similarly, use of MMW4 extension tools like Magic Nodes and Tagging Inconsistencies can help to keep performance up (Problematic Tracks / Inconsistent Data in Table XXX for example).
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Re: problems by monitoring phase

Post by Lowlander »

Just disable Scan at startup to do this.
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