Sync problems MMA pro with MMW

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Sync problems MMA pro with MMW

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The syncing of MediaMonkey Pro Android with MediaMonkey Windows doesn't work.
Before the update to MMA Pro it was still working.

The playlists doesn't get transfered and the newly added cover art is missing too.
I rather think that nothing is synced at all because the date for the last sync 7.4. (April 7) is displayed and not 26.4. (April 26) since I try to sync again.

on MMA sync now -> switch to wizard -> Server content -> i selected Music (in a folder) and all playlists.

on the smartphone I click on sync now and a message appears Scanning files into library:Folders.
Lasts quite long but I have about 14000 music files. But before the update it was faster since apparently only the changes were synchronized.
It ends with completed succesfully. But there are no changes. The new playlists and the newly added cover art is missing.

Is it still possible to sync MMA pro with MMW4 and if yes what may be wrong?

Some information:

MMW Standard Version on Windows 10 64 Bit
on Tools -> Options -> Portable Device Sync the sync is configured for Files (Music, Location on HDD) and Playlists

MMA Pro on Samsung Galaxy A51
Sync with WiFi to SD card in Android Phone
the Mediaserver is recognised from the smartphone