Why is upgrading a phone / memory card so complicated?

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Why is upgrading a phone / memory card so complicated?

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I've been using MMW4 and MMA for several years now, and have got both USB sync and wifi sync working perfectly, and have tweaked my playlist and audio selections so that everything I want syncs from MMW to MMA.

I've recently bought a new 256GB memory card for my phone, upgrading from my 128GB, and tried to move my library over.

First, I just copied the relevant folders to the new SD card, and plugged that into my phone. MMA recognised the files, but treated them as new files, marking all the old files as missing. I remembered then that MMA is fussy, so followed the advice here:


and cloned the card with a third party tool. Cloning made an exact copy, setting the partition to 128GB. I had to find another third party tool to expand the partition to the correct size. MMA now recognises some files, but I can't tell if they're the new or old versions.

MMW recognises the card as new, so doesn't apply my sync settings. The playlists and files that I've put together over several years are not being synced, and none of the conversion settings are being applied either. Plugging the old card into the computer sees it recognised correctly immediately though.

To top it off, the new version of MMA keeps adding my phone's internal storage as a media source, adding the MediaMonkey default folders, even though I've removed them several times. The mess of files that are and are not recognised now includes random sounds from other apps that happen to be in the Music folder.

Why can't I just copy the folders over and tell MediaMonkey to use the new card instead of the old one? Surely there can be a file that tells the various versions of MM 'This is the media source!'