Importance of purchasing licences/Ethical use of software

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Importance of purchasing licences/Ethical use of software

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Prior to discovering MediaMonkey, I had to use three different softwares and apps to sync from Windows to Android.

Before committing to your product, I first tested the version 4 (that was the current version at the time) and the simple fact that I had to only use 1 software to do all the work of 3, the second fact that it used significanyly less resources on both the Desktop and the Android phone (2 3rd party apps on Android, one to play music and one to sync surprisingly sucked a LOT of battery life and when you day job is driving 10 hrs a day you can't afford to have, say 6% battery life, head out of the car, visit you client and ask them to charge your phone.....quite unprofessional) but that was the reality.

So all this to say I was so impressed with the configurability and massive flexibility in customization, the fact that you had all the features to tag the music...oh wait, there's the 4th software I had to use on Windows before I purchased MediaMonkey.

So from 4 programs and apps on Windows to 1 program MediaMonkey and on my Android, from 3 apps to play, sync etc...down to 1 app from MediaMonkey, yep it was a no brainer so I bought 2 licenses for myself and my GF for Android, 2 licences for Desktop to replace the 4 I had to use before and well since the MM Codecs were $20 Canadian, today I said "why not".

Hopefully people out there using your software for free will realize what just happened to WinZip could happen to any good software so a few dollars here and there for worthwhile products, in my not so humble opinion is well worth it.

Keep up the great work, my Android now plays music for the whole 10 hours on the road and I don't have to embarrass myself in front of clients --that alone was worth the purchase!
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Re: Importance of purchasing licences/Ethical use of software

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Wow! Thanks for the vote of confidence!

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