Playing playlists with Winamp

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Ian Werich
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Playing playlists with Winamp

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Hi everyone,

I set in MM4 the Winamp player as main player, but when I switch to Winamp I can't find the playlists I created in MM4.
Should I set some parameters in Winamp or both Winamp and MM4?

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Playing playlists with Winamp

Post by Lowlander »

Did you start Playback in MediaMonkey? It then would use WinAmp as Player.
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Re: Playing playlists with Winamp

Post by Peke »

In addition to above, please note that you can use external players for playback in MM4, but MM library is not shared with external apps like Winamp, so you need to use MM UI for everything else except playback.
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