How to stop prompting when auto-tagging

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How to stop prompting when auto-tagging

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I wanted to updated my entire library of songs and I was hoping that I could just let MM auto-tag everything that it could and if not then that's ok (Lookup missing information via auto-tag is enabled). But each time it finds the tag for a file it prompts me. With tens of thousands of songs this would take me a few weeks or months to just to keep putting a check mark for each file and then clicking "Confirm" for each one.

Is there really no way to force it to actually auto-tag on its own without prompting me for everything? I don't really care if it's not always accurate. I just want it done. I thought it might be under Options -> Confirmation but I don't see such an option there. I tried unchecking all Confirmations anyway but that doesn't help.

Any help would be appreciated.