[REQ] Named Configurations for Auto-Organizing and Renaming

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Brian Siano
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[REQ] Named Configurations for Auto-Organizing and Renaming

Post by Brian Siano »

When I use the Auto-Organize feature, I tend to use a handful of pathnames and filename configurations. For example, when I import new MP3 files, I use the following:
H:\Non-CD Files\<Album Artist>\<Album>\<Title> -- <Artist> -- <Disc #> -- <Track #>
And for imports from CD files, I use:
H:\CD Archive\<Album Artist>\<Album>\<Title> -- <Artist> -- <Disc #> -- <Track #>
And for Video files, I use:
H:\Video\<Director>\<Series>\<Title> -- <Artist> -- <Season #> -- <Episode #>

You get the idea. Media Monkey currently stores these as I go along, and they turn up in the drop-down list when I do the Auto-Organize. That drop-down list fills up when we have to do one-off or unique renaming, and we have to search that drop-down list for the correct choice.

It occurred to me that it might be a useful feature if we can store these configurations under a single name, i.e., "CD Imports," "Videos," etc., which could appear at the top of that drop-down list. Perhaps they can even be assigned to taskbar buttons or drop-down menus for easy access.
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Re: [REQ] Named Configurations for Auto-Organizing and Renaming

Post by Lowlander »

The question for you is if you can combine these into a single Auto-Organize Files rule? Through the use of $if() statements you may be able to do so. This way you don't run into the issue of accidentally using the wrong rule.
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