3D Flow Album View for MM5 - Support & Beta Testing

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Re: 3D Flow Album View for MM5 - Support & Beta Testing

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YetAnotherLondonder wrote: Sat Jul 01, 2023 4:02 pm I'm afraid I don't quite follow. What do you mean by node?

I did look at your link and I confess I didn't understand anything. Linux documentation from 20 years ago seems clearer :)

What is a node, which nodes show the 3d flow, which don't, why. and where (if anywhere at all) is any of this documented?

I see "playing" on the far right and at the far left I see a column with: "home, playing, music, playlists, folders, etc"

Thank you!
To my understanding, all of the "main" items in the media tree are nodes. I'll try and make the documentation more clear when I have a chance. 3D Album view supports the Playing, All tracks, and Albums nodes. In the Artists node, when you open a given artist, you can enable 3D Album view as a sub-view when you have the Browser view enabled.
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Re: 3D Flow Album View for MM5 - Support & Beta Testing

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I've now released version 1.1.6 which has fixed arrow the arrow key functionality.
Thanks for the update, the arrow keys are working great now :D .
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