Genre tags not listed properly

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Genre tags not listed properly

Post by Phil_B »

I have all my MP3s on a hard disk. That's my master copy and I transfer files to devices from there. When I transfer files to my Android phone (version, my genre tags change. I put a number before each genre name so they appear in the order I most listen.

My tag "01 Classical" becomes "Classic Rock".
My tag "02 Jazz" becomes "Country".
My tag "03 Blues" becomes "Dance".
etc. etc.

I have to rename my tags in MediaMonkey after a transfer. Why is this happening? Is this a bug you can fix? Is there any way round this that lets me use the tags as I choose them?
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Re: Genre tags not listed properly

Post by rusty »

Hi Phil,

MMA currently relies primarily on synchronization to transfer metadata so if you manually copy the tracks to your phone then the tags are read by Android's internal media tag scanner which could be the cause of this.

So my recommendation would be to use Wi-Fi sync to sync the tracks to your phone (at least until MMA's tag engine is ready--hopefully soon).

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