Pixel 6A does not see new media

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Pixel 6A does not see new media

Post by Onegear3619 »

I transfer media to pixel 6a and it will not recognize it until I manually sync in the library folder. My 7a works fine and I see no difference. version ( latest on the app store) PC version is 5. I have cleared storage on pixel deleted app and reloaded it several times. Additionally, my Pixel A shows up in the Devices as Pixel6 A (1) what does the 1 signify? Additionally, an unknown artist folder pops up every time I add an album.
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Re: Pixel 6A does not see new media

Post by Lowlander »

How exactly did you Sync or copy the media and with which exact version (Help > About) of MediaMonkey 5 (if used)?
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