showing CUE files in library

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showing CUE files in library

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I have read past forum posts regarding CUE file extension support, in which there have been multiple mentions that MediaMonkey (or some version of it in recent past) does not support reading CUE files. However, if I attempt to "open with" MM5 the files do play and display a tracklist on the right side as if it were part of the normal folder tracks. The problem I have, is that browsing through the library in MM5 (latest version as of writing this post) it does not show the CUE files. Rather, it only shows the flacs in the folder themselves. I was wondering if this is a configuration problem on my end, or if there really is no support to even displaying the CUE files in the library through MM?
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Re: showing CUE files in library

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CUE support has been added in version 5.1, latest build here: ... 86639&sd=d

It shows in the library files that are part of the CUE,
e.g. multiple instances of a single FLAC file with startTime/stopTime corresponding to individual parts in the CUE playlist
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