Sony NW-A55 Playlists Vanished

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Sony NW-A55 Playlists Vanished

Post by DJWG »

Been using a Sony NW-A55 with Media Monkey for just over three years with minimal problems.
Then, a few days ago, I did a routine synch and all the playlists on my device vanished and refused to re-synch.

I've turned off synching playlists and turned it back on. Mounted and re-mounted my SD card. Power cycled my computer and device. Updated Media Monkey. Redownloaded the device profile. And more.
Nothing seems to work.
Every time I launch my Walkman is says there are no playlists.

But I can create playlists on the device still. The function is still working. Media Monkey just in not transferring the files to the device anymore.
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Re: Sony NW-A55 Playlists Vanished

Post by Lowlander »

Can you check the storage itself and see if the Playlists are really not there? Or perhaps they are, but empty/not being read by the device.
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Re: Sony NW-A55 Playlists Vanished

Post by Peke »

If I remember correctly playlists are only visible when you sync with Sony software or under other menu in playlist or similar.

I had Sony NW-A40 long time ago and remember there was additional step to load external (non Sony app synced) playlists.
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