Chromecast working perfectly

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Chromecast working perfectly

Post by Rob_S »

I am very happy to report that as of recent beta versions including 3029, my once troublesome Polk Magnifi Soundbar on Chromecast is working perfectly. It will play for hours without issues, and seems to be always available when I want it. So koodos for that.

Also I am no longer having any memory useage or CPU useage issues at all. After a few hours the ram useage as reported by taskmanager goes up to around 180mb, total of all mm processes - usually 2 or 3, out of 32gb available. My memory cleaning utility (wisecare365) brings it down to around 18mb without shutting it down, if I choose to do that.

I have not had any crashes for quite a while now. At this time things are looking pretty good from my point of view.
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Re: Chromecast working perfectly

Post by Peke »

Thank you for update, we are even more happy to hear these news.

THX, for patience and help on making us work harder to make MM better.
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