autoplaylist based on other autoplaylist(s)

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autoplaylist based on other autoplaylist(s)

Post by locu »

I just tried to create a new autoplaylist in mediamonkey and figured that it would be nice to base this playlist on another playlist (e.g. Accessible Tracks or Favorites to strip them down to a maximal size for an mp3 player or other means), however in the search/autoplaylist dialog I cannot add a playlist to the criteria list. Is there any other way anyone can think of to achieve this?

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Post by Bex »

I think the upcoming MM3.0 will have this feature!
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Bex wrote:I think the upcoming MM3.0 will have this feature!
That would be GREAT! That's the only thing holding me back from dumping iTunes in favor of MM to manage my iPod. I use MM for everything, except iPod management. Keeping the two in sync and transferring the tag info from MM to iTunes is a real pain that I will be more than happy to say goodbye to.
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