Setting up MMS on QNAP and Synology using WinSCP and PuTTY

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Setting up MMS on QNAP and Synology using WinSCP and PuTTY

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Make sure that SSH and SFTP are enabled on the Synology QNAP
Make sure that SSH and SFTP Are enabled on the QNAP
  1. Logon onto QNAP QTS
  2. In search Type SFTP and select SFTP settings
  3. Enable both SSH and SFTP (you can use the default port 22)
Applications used on PC Download MediaMonkey Server
You can download the latest Linux release of MediaMonkey Server from: ... 90809&sd=d

Setup and Installation
  1. Start WinSCP
  2. In WinSCP go To Options -> Preferences -> Integration -> Applications and check if the putty.exe path is set correctly to where you downloaded putty.exe (use "<FULL PATH TO PUTTY.EXE>" if path contain spaces).
  3. Select New session TAB
  4. Select Use SFTP
  5. Fill the parameters for Admin login and password to your NAS
  6. You can easily navigate to MMS destination folder like "/volume1" (for QNAP it is "/share/") and create "mediamonkeyserver" folder using NEW -> DIRECTORY icon
  7. Upload MMS-linux64-*.*.*.tar.gz to that folder
  8. Right click on MMS-linux64-*.*.*.tar.gz -> File custom commands -> Untar/Gzip
This concludes Preparation and Setup, you can now open WinSCP and navigate to extracted folder.

Starting MediaMonkey Server
Start and use MMS as server and leave it running in background:
  1. Start WinSCP -> Login to your NAS
  2. Use icon Open Session in PuTTY (or menu Command -> Open session in PuTTY)
  3. Confirm Admin password
  4. Navigate to server folder eg. "cd /volume1/mediamonkeyserver" (for QNAP it is "/share/mediamonkeyserver")
  5. Enter screen -> SPACE to confirm new Screen session
  6. start MMS using ./mms
  7. Press CTRL+A and then key "d" which should disconnect SCREEN session and leave it running in Background.
  8. Close PuTTY and WinSCP
  9. MMS server will run in background until you restart your NAS.