I can't keep up!

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I can't keep up!

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Hi all. Apologies in advance for the frustrated tone, but why oh why do the builders of MM have to keep fiddling with the look? Dumbing down is not an improvement. All these fancy new boxes and images... how the heck do I go back to a sensible tree-view, please? Sorry but I find this extremely frustrating and it's putting me off using MM, which is sad considering I have used ONLY MM for so many years! I go to look at an artist and am accosted by a bio, and a few hits that the MM people have decided are her best songs. How do I see ALL her songs, the way it used to be? PLEEEEEEEZ tell me there is a way? Thank you. :)
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Re: I can't keep up!

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You can configure MediaMonkey many different ways. Much of what was possible in MediaMonkey 4 can still be done in MediaMonkey 5. Somethings were changed based on user feedback.

For example the Details View (no Artwork) is still available.
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