Duplicate entries in library

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Duplicate entries in library

Post by aljones »

I've gotten a new computer and loaded my music to it and ran MediaMonkey to load its database. (C:\music)
I've since gotten an external hard drive, divided it into 4 partitions and copied my music onto it ... and ran MediaMonkey which went looking for music files on E:\music
The external drive had problems, mostly with the partitioning, so I was able to replace it with another external drive. and ran MediaMonkey which went looking for music and found it at d:\music.
So my library now shows 3 entries for each title in my library, one is bolded (presume that to mean it's there) and the other two aren't.
How do I get rid of the duplicate entries? I've looked and can't find ... thanks
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Re: Duplicate entries in library

Post by Lowlander »

You can remove any drives or folders you don't want included from the Music > Location node.
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Re: Duplicate entries in library

Post by drakinite »

I assume you've fixed it by now, but in case someone else has the same issue:

I've personally dealt with moving music library to new locations multiple times. Instead of adding E:/Music to your MediaMonkey library, what you can do instead is use "Locate moved/missing files". Select the new music location, and MediaMonkey will scan through all the files and update the tracks' paths in its database without having to do any cloning and deleting.
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