V1074 - Marantz NR1711 in Cast Button List [#19861]

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Denon AVR 660

Post by wunderlong88 »

I have installed MM for Android and can play music from my pc on my android phone. I would like to be able to cast that music to my Denon AVR 660. When I select the Cast button it shows no options. Is there a way to set MMA to do this?

I have used Bubbleupnp and it just discovered the Denon automatically. I don't like the app and have lots of other issues so was looking for an alternative.

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Re: V1074 - Marantz NR1711 in Cast Button List [#19861]

Post by TheEmpathicEar »

So, if you have a Marantz receiver you are out of luck using MMA to play on receiver?
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