Wifi sync summary panel - requested improvements

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Wifi sync summary panel - requested improvements

Post by Barry4679 »

It is good to see the error list in the MMA WiFi sync summary ... this is new?

The "failed to download" list contains only track names.
I don't think that this is enough. eg. my last sync lists the track named "Night and Day". By various artists, and on various albums.
I have 14 tracks with that name.
Could you list at least "songtitle - album"?

The list can be opened and reviewed, but not saved somehow for investigation.
If I close the panel, I have the lost the list haven't I?
Can there be something like a "print" option to make a list in the Files folder, or something?
Want a dark skin for MM5? This is the one that works best for me .. elegant, compact & clear.