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Album options

Post by JacobG »

I have what must be a common problem and am hoping there is an easy resolution. I have too many albums to do anything manually. When I select Albums from the tree, if I have an album "Little Hits", it shows up dozens of times as Little Hits (The Bats). I expect it to show once and then have the songs under it. The problem with the way it appears is that you can't easily play the whole album.

When I look at properties, the Album is Little Hits and the Album Artist is The Bats. Is there a way to make Albums show the Albums - it clearly knows the Album is Little Hits. And when burning to USB, group them together?
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Re: Album options

Post by Lowlander »

You likely have different Album Artist values for the files on the Album, setting Album Artist to the same value would show it as 1 Album in MediaMonkey.

On Sync make you use <Album Artist> instead of <Artist> for folder names to keep the files together.
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