CD Drive Currently In Use when Ripping [#20243]

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Re: CD Drive Currently In Use when Ripping [#20243]

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Reporting in the help ticket showed that the error was caused by setting Menu > Tools > Options > General > Performance > Use multiple CPU cores to more than one. I had set the number to 4, because on my old slow system it had taken a looong time to rip CDs and so I was looking to make it faster.
The anaylsis showed that having multiple cores caused the system to request access to more than one track on the CD at a time, which generated the CD in use error messages.
My understanding of the solution is to set the core number to one, but my system (just updated to 2816) has these set to 2, and I've just tried a rip and it worked fine.
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Re: CD Drive Currently In Use when Ripping [#20243]

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To make things clear, as of RIP threads are hardcoded to 1 thread to avoid such issues.
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