From old to new SSD: MediaMonkey corrupt

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From old to new SSD: MediaMonkey corrupt

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For a customer we changed the SSD in her PC to a bigger one by cloning the SSD and changing the partitions.

All works fine, including all software which was on the old SSD, but MediaMonkey 4 is completely unusable. All her playlists are missing the music files (greyed out). Customer is very disappointed. She uses v4 Windows and has a lifetime license for 5. She prefers version 4. Her music files are stored in the My Music directory of Windows 10.

Where might this have gone wrong? is there a certain file that should be on a certain sector?
What is the proper route to get this issue fixed? Can we copy files and directories from the old SSD? What files and directories?

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Re: From old to new SSD: MediaMonkey corrupt

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MediaMonkey uses driveID which has changed. In MediaMonkey 4 you can fix that with: ... =2&t=63823
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